Galen D. Nelson Memorial Scholarship
Brigham’s Mill is proud to support the Galen D. Nelson Memorial Scholarship.  This scholarship, established to help BYU-Idaho students in need of financial and housing assistance, is awarded periodically throughout the year based on the quality and quantity of applications received, and is in the the form of a direct payment of $500.

All scholarships are awarded based on a recommendation by the five-member Brigham's Mill Scholarship Committee.

International students who are unable to complete a FAFSA are encouraged to apply, since this scholarship is unrelated to other scholarships or sources of student financial aid. All BYU-I students in good standing will be considered.

To apply, applicants will write two brief essays after reading the short biography of Galen Nelson, below:

Galen was born on a small farm in Southeast Idaho in 1950.  He was taught to work hard from a young age and continued to work hard his entire life.  After graduating from high school, he served in the National Guard and ultimately enrolled at Ricks College.  After a couple of semesters, he discontinued his formal education due to the cost and his belief that school wasn’t his thing.  Armed with an incredible work ethic, he decided to pursue other opportunities and started working full-time. Through many different endeavors (some successful, some not) he was eventually able to achieve success as a small business owner and real-estate developer.  Although he would be the first to say there was a lot of luck involved, the reality is that most of his success can be attributed to sheer effort and determination (not to mention an incredibly supportive wife!).  Galen was an entrepreneur in the truest sense and embodied much of the American dream as a self-made man. Sadly, Galen died at the age of 57 in a small plane accident.  Those of us that knew him are left to wonder what incredible things he would have continued to accomplish.  Whatever the case, Galen would have continued to help people and invest in them.  He always believed in people, and in their ability to accomplish their dreams through hard work.   And while he is physically gone, that influence continues to live on and bless others.  The spirit of the Galen D. Nelson Memorial Scholarship is to do just that - encourage those on their path to achieve their own dreams.      

Semester for which you are applying *
  1. What is your dream and how will this scholarship empower you to achieve it?  (up to 500 words.  Be thoughtful and demonstrate you have a compelling vision)
  2. How will you return the favor to someone someday and “pay it forward” for receiving this scholarship?  (Up to 500 words.  Again be thoughtful and identify specific ways you intend to serve others)
Please email your essays to